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Types of Structures
Quonset: True Quonset has a rounded top and no straight side wall. Example
Low Profile Quonset: Quonset with a straight side wall, offered in different wall heights. Example
Semi-Gable: Top of structure has a gothic / peaked roof, with a 4 side wall. It can also have various side wall heights. Example
Portable Structures: Structures that have welded panels for side walls. They are designed for easy, frequent moving. Useful for Garden Shows.
Code Structures: Structures stamped by the state that are approved for 25 lb. snow load and 85 m.p.h. wind load.
Gutter Connect Structures: Code structures that have one or more bays connected together. Example
Parts of Structures
Bows: Rounded portion (arch) of structure. Example
Purlins: Horizontal pipe along top of bow that runs the length of the structure. Example
Sidewall: Straight side of structure. Example
Leg: Part of side wall that anchors to the ground and that bow slides into. Example
End Brace: End supports, one placed at each corner of the structure.. Example
Foot on Center: Spacing between bows. Example
Steel End Wall Frames: Complete pre-cut steel end wall frame with door. 
(Drawings for wood framed ends are available)
Complete hardware package to assemble is included with every greenhouse frame.
All pipe is Allied galvanized mechanical steel tubing with rust protectant. 
Available in many sizes and gauges.
Allied Gatorshield Steel Tubing
Wire Lock (Ends & Sides) - Efficiently and economically secures any flexible material from 2 mil to 20 mil thick. More info
Benching - Custom made shelves for inside of greenhouse, used in portable and regular structures.

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