Efficiently and Economically Secures

  • Single Poly
  • Double Poly
  • Shade Cloth
  • Screening
  • Ground Covers
  • Tarps
    Any Flexible Material or
    Combination of Materials
    (from 2 to 20 mil thick)

*NOTE - when using 1 layer of poly it is necessary to double over the edge so you are locking in 2 layers into the channel

Flexible Application

  • Attaches easily to wood or metal with screws, even around curves.
  • Allows quick film replacement, or changes from one material to another.
  • Does not pinch, cut, bind or weaken the material it secures.
  • Film can be removed and reinstalled seasonally.
  • Does not change holding characteristics even with repeated use.
  • Simply pull the material across the channel, and snap the spring into place to secure the material.